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What We Do


Hint: It's way more than just laser engraving.

Rochester NY Genesee River Bridge photo engraved

Laser Engraving

Reliable, Fast and Beautiful

We offer full service laser engraving for just about any occasion. From short runs to personalize a gift, to awards to recognize those special people around you, to bulk orders for corporate branding – we can do it all. No job is too small or too big.

We can engrave glass, wood, acrylics, coated and uncoated metals, leather, paper/cardstock, coated ceramics, and more. Our machine is top of the line which means your job will have the highest quality resolution for even the smallest of details, and your job will be able to be reproduced for mutiple runs consistently.

Four foot wooden sign reads Friends and Family Gather Here sign made for a family's pavilion in downstate NY.

Graphic Design

Professional results

We firmly believe that a laser engraver is only as good as the design skills of the operator. Brian, owner of Red Bridge Gifts & Engraving has been a graphic designer for nearly two decades. If you need any graphic design service for your laser engraving project, we can assist in a multitude of ways and it will be of professional quality. From converting your logos or artwork to vector format, creating a logo or artwork from scratch, to designing a unique graphic for your piece, and selecting the correct typography for the occasion, we can do this for you at the highest level. Depending on the project, we generally do not charge additional fees for artwork setup.

Magnetic Bottle opener engraved with Father of the Bride for a wedding

Wood Working

Taking your project to the next level

Many times, a project needs a unique touch which ordering a pre-made item from a catalog just won’t do the trick. In these cases, we have a professional level woodworking shop which we can create nearly any type of project from any species of wood. Combining woodworking with laser engraving results on some of the most unique and memorable items that you will ever see.


Can I bring you something I own or want to buy?

Absolutely. Customers often ask if they can bring us cutting boards, drinkware or even products they make themselves. We encourage you to bring us items you already own or are buying. Sometimes, depending on the occasion, we will ask you to purchase the item yourself – it allows you to pick out the exact item you that fits your needs saving any guess work on our part. For any item you plan to bring to us, please check with us first so we can confirm it’s an item that can be engraved or is a size that we can engrave.

How much does it cost?

That’s a case by case answer. Every project differs quite a bit depending on the time to engrave, how many items you need, how quickly you need delivery and a variety of other factors. We generally do not charge extra for graphic design – unlike many of our competitors.

What types of things can you engrave?

The list of items that can be engraved are quite numerous! Many of the common items we engrave on a consistent basis are:

  • Pet tags & anodized aluminum
  • Wooden cutting boards
  • Beer glasses/Drinking glasses/Beer Mugs
  • Acrylic Awards
  • Wooden rulers
  • Acrylic signs & wooden signs
  • Guest books
  • Leather portfolios
  • iPads
  • Stainless steel tumblers
  • Canvas and painted canvas
  • Ceramic coffee mugs, aluminum coffee mugs
  • The list goes on and on!

Can you engrave photographs?

In many cases, the answer is yes. There are variables which determine the quality of the finished products. The main variable is the photograph itself. Photos that show the main subject matter being clear and not blurry, the photo has a good variation between foreground and background, shadows are minimal on the subjects faces (if applicable), and the photo is of good enough quality that it can be sized to the medium on which it will be engraved. So, if we are engraving on 12″x12″ granite, the photo would preferably be able to be sized up to 12″x12″ at 300 dpi…we don’t expect you to figure this out yourself, when you are ready, send us the photo or multiple photo options and we will let you know what works best.

I have no idea what I want? But I want something cool...

We love it when this happens! This is where we can have fun and discuss some options, whether traditional or something really creative, we can help you find the items best for the occasion or project. Send us a message or give us a call, and we can come with something awesome!