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Our Story


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Our Story.

Photo of the red bridge which our company is named after in the summer sun
Red Bridge Gifts
More than just a name. It's a legacy.
With many of our handmade items, we prefer to use reclaimed wood (pallets, woodworking scraps collected from other local woodworkers, etc). It’s a good way to stay environmentally friendly and is a cost effective way to build. When I was growing up, my father salvaged an above ground pool which my family enjoyed for many years. When we decided to tear down the pool, my father used many of the pieces of the decking in building a bridge at our family’s property. He was a major inspiration to me, and our name is our way to honor his influence on our creativity and resourcefulness.

Meet Brian.

Photo of Brian Staebell, Owner of Red Bridge Custom Gifts
Brian Staebell
He makes all the things
Brian has been on the creative end of marketing for nearly two decades. While business development and marketing are his specialties, his love of creating with his hands has taken him from a desk monkey to creating Red Bridge Custom Gifts. He’s the creator and owner of the now famous, Howling Monkey Guitar Picks where he makes hand made guitar picks and accessorizes for musicians around the world. Now he’s excited to bring his handmade creations to the Rochester, NY market and beyond with Red Bridge Gifts.

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